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Comfortable & Great CS

I am 5'3", and 115 lbs. I was torn between the Throne and the Omega, but went with the Throne. I looked for reviews where people matched my height and weight so I could make a decision and then decided to pull the trigger on the Throne. I love my Throne chair. It's comfortable and matches my body type perfectly. I would recommend that if you plan on using it on a carpeted floor with a carpet protector, opt in for bigger casters (bigger wheels) otherwise the piston will graze the carpet protector, which isn't good for the chair. I got the larger wheels and since then it's been perfect.

I hope that one day that Secret Lab will have the lumbar support build into the Throne model, but for now I'm ok with the pillow. That is my only feedback for this chair.

Hi Kerensa, thank you for your kind words and we'll definitely look into your feedback for our THRONE series.
Excellent chair

I have a fairly bad posture when sitting on chairs, leading to pain on my tailbone. However, sitting on the SecretLab Throne does not cause any pain. It is extremely comfortable and is worth the price paid for it.

Great chair for gaming

Was a bit hard to assemble alone (attaching back to seat, but that is to be expected. This chair is amazing and has 100% helped me to improve my posture and allow me to sit comfortably at my desk during longer gaming sessions. I would definitely recommend this chair, especially if you have struggled in the past to find something as a shorter individual-- feels so nice to finally be able to sit with my feet firmly planted on the floor.

Chair setup

As a student & a gamer as well, i find it really comfortable to sit while studying/gaming especially for long hours. Definitely would recommend to my friends!

Long hours with back support

As a video editor I spent a long time sitting in front of the computer. After getting secret labs chair, my back ache is gone, I can also move the seat down to take breaks. I'm loving it. The chair is made of good quality, feels solid and stable!