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the Secretlab OMEGA NAPA best chair i've bought

i have to say as it is its the best chair i've bought EVER. although the Lumbar pillow is apart if your not used to it haha.but overall the chair is adjustable in many many ways which is a really plus point. leather quality is amazing. reviews helped me alot to buy this one cause i was unsure whether to buy this one or the normal Omega chair. hope i can help someone else to convince them to buy the OMEGA NAPPA chair.
and sorry about my bad english people.

Very good! But I did not receive the free gifts i was entitled to

The chair is very comfortable but a few things to note are the arm rests are a bit too hard and after sitting for long hours, my elbows started to hurt a bit. Also, i did not receive the free gifts i was entitled to such as the back rest and leather cleaner

Hi Daniel, we're sorry to hear that you have not received your backrest and leather cleaner yet. Do drop us an e-mail at if these items have yet to arrive and we will arrange for a delivery right away.
Perfect chair !

Love it !
I could not play anymore without it.
No more back pain...

Chair and Support perfect !

I received my chair TITAN NAPA very quickly but after disbanding, the seat was marked certainly because of the transport ...
After an email with the support, a new seat was sent to me without delay and only with my only request.
No debate or anything with the pictures provided, everything was taken care of.
I wish to emphasize here the professionalism of the support to the height of the quality of their product!

Titan Napa - superior quality and comfort

Recently bought Secretlab's Titan Napa chair and it has got to be the most comfortable chair I have ever used. The quality of the premium Napa leather is incredible and it just feels amazing. Will highly recommend this to anyone.

Hello Wilson, thank you for the amazing review. We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with our Secretlab chairs!